About the owner

David James has been involved in the pest control industry his entire life.  He started off in the industry in his dad's pest control business before forming his own company in Colorado in 2001.  He had noticed a dramatic increase in the number of bed bug infestations, and this led to his invention of the first portable bed bug heat treatment device in 2007.   Since then he has developed numerous other pest products including, the Earwig Abyss, the Bed Bug Beacon, Thermaspot, and Bed Bug Blue.  His products have been featured on Dr. Oz, The Rachel Ray Show, Good Morning America, and The Wall Street Journal.

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About pfh manufacturing

PFH Manufacturing is a manufacturer and distributor of pest control products.  We recently acquired the entire line of Packtite products that focus mainly on bed bug control, identifcation and monitoring.  Our goal is to provide innovative and effective pest control products for bed bugs and other pest species.